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 PURIZE UV ACTIVE is an INNOVATIVE & SAFE solution to protect your home from harmful air particles.

A portable air purifier that uses UV-C ultraviolet rays to destroy and change the DNA structure of microorganisms. 

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Breath Cleaner Air In Your Home

Purize Uv Active

According to the Society for General Microbiology, some bacteria can reproduce in 20 minutes with the right temperature and nutrients.


This is why symptoms of illnesses show up so quickly after infection.

Purize Uv Active

The National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) found that areas, where food is stored or prepared, had more bacteria and faecal contamination than other places in our homes. More than 75% of dish sponges and rags had Salmonella, E. coli, and faecal matter.

Purize Uv Active

Due to the moisture from a hot shower, the bathroom is also a perfect place for germ growth.

Purize Uv Active

Wet laundry left in a machine, even for a short amount of time, can cause germs to flourish. A load of underwear will transfer at least 100 million E. coli bacteria to the washing machine, that can contaminate other clothing.

Purize Uv Active

Hospital Technology

Ultraviolet C (UVC) lights are used in hospitals for sterilization of the air and surfaces. It is proven to eliminate up to 99.9% of bacteria particles. 

Produts Features

Discover the excellence of air purification with UV light

No need to clean or replace the filter

Its active sterilization method has no dead angle

Extremely practical, you just have to connect to the power

Low-speed fan, low noise, pure UV-C sterilization method

It can disinfect a room in less than 2 hours

Purize Uv Active

Full protection design and fully sealed UV. No ozone produced

Clinically Proven

Product Specification

Innovative Design

Purize Uv Active

Eliminates odours, like cat litter or toilet.

No need to clean or replace the filter, so it is more convenient to use.

Sterilization, disinfection, anti-mildew.

UV-C light can kill influenza viruses, such as staphylococcus, rhinovirus etc.

Only works with low speed fan, low noise, and uses pure UV-C sterilization method,

Portable Design

Plug it into the plugboard anywhere in your home for air sterilization. It can be used in the restroom, in the bedroomliving room, laundry room or kitchen. It can sterilize and disinfect all the rooms in your home and reduce odour caused by bacteria, pets, and cooking fumes in the air.


Purify your entire home in a matter of hours!

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