Advanced Two-Step Anti-ageing Body Treatment 

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Start feeling a younger-looking skin from the first application

Why You Need Tnslift 60

Loses of Elastin and Collagen production

Elastin gives skin elasticity.  Collagen helps skin maintain its structure and firmness. Both elastin and collagen production decline as people age.

Loss of connective tissues

The connective tissue that supports our bones, cartilage, and organs also becomes weaker. And as this supportive network weakens, so too does the skin surrounding these tissues.

Body fat

Aging also affects the distribution of fat in the body. What was once relatively evenly distributed in the body can begin to clump, and gravity does the rest.

UV Rays

UV radiation can cause collagen to break down at a higher rate than normal aging. It does this by penetrating the middle layer of skin (dermis), causing the abnormal buildup of elastin.


It helps the skin moisturize and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


An innovative active ingredient with a lifting and tightening effect. It combines lifting action with anti-aging activity, as it increases collagen production for immediate improvement of the skin. 

What's Our Secret?

Niacinamide PC (vitamin B3)

for flawless, resilient skin and a radiant complexion.


Hydrate and moisturize skin, shield skin from ultraviolet radiation, and protect against skin damage.

Results In 4 Weeks

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